Patrik Söderholm, Professor

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Patrik Söderholm has worked as a teacher and researcher at the Economics Unit since 1992. He has a B.Sc. in economics from Umeå University and a Ph.D. in economics from Luleå University of Technology, and is now Professor and head of the research activities in economics. 

Patrik was born in Luleå in 1968. He lives in central Luleå together with his wife Kristina Söderholm, and their twin daughters Ella and Bodil. Besides economics, his main interests include frisbee (disc golf), cross-country skiing and travels.  He is a fan of Ulf Lundell, The Real Group, U2 and the TV-show House. 


Patrik has been involved in teaching a majority of the courses given at the Divi-sion. In recent years his primary teaching assignments have mainly been limited to a course in Advanced Environmental and Resource Economics.


Patrik's research is mainly within the field of energy, natural resource and environmental economics, with an emphasis on inter-disciplinary cooperation. In recent years he has conducted a range of studies on, for instance: (a) technology diffusion, innovation and policy in the wind power sector; (b) environmental policy instruments in the energy and household sectors; and (c) the valuation of environmental exter-nalities in the electric power sector.

He is since 2005 a Member of the Environmental Research Committee (Miljöforskningsnämnden), Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Selected Publications: 


"Policy Effectiveness and Acceptance in the Taxation of Environmentally Damaging Chemical Compounds," (with Anna Christiernsson), forthcoming in Environmental Science and Policy, 2008.

“An Econometric Analysis of Regional Differences in Household Waste Collection: The Case of Plastic Packaging in Sweden,” (with Olle Hage), forthcoming in Waste Management, 2008.

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Modelling the Economic Costs of Climate Policy, Research Report 2007:14, Luleå University of Technology, 2007.


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“Norms and Economic Motivation in the Swedish Green Electricity Market,” (with Kristina Ek), re-submitted to Ecological Economics, 2008.

“Factor Demand Flexibility in the Primary Aluminium Industry: Evidence from Expanding and Stagnating Regions,” (with Jerry Blomberg), re-submitted to International Journal of Production Economics, 2007.

"The Development of Forest-based Biorefineries: Implications for Market Behavior and Policy," (with Robert Lundmark), submitted to Biomass & Bioenergy, 2007.

"The Political Economy of International Green Certificates Markets," submitted to Energy Policy, 2007.

"Households' Switching Behavior between Electricity Suppliers in Sweden," (with Kristina Ek), submitted to Utilities Policy, 2008.

"Steel Scrap Markets in Europe and the USA," (with Thomas Ejdemo), submitted to Minerals & Energy, 2008.

“Technology Diffusion and Learning in the European Wind Power Sector: An Econometric Analysis,” (with Kristina Ek), to be revised and submitted, 2007.

“Shared or Individual Responsibility: The Case of Public Support for Green Electricity” (with Kristina Ek), to be revised and submitted, 2007.

“The Mixed Blessing of Responsibility Relief: Assessing Household Preferences for Kerbside Recycling,” (with Christer Berglund), to be revised and submitted, 2007.

"Citizen Participation in CO2 Emissions Trading: The Role of Norm-based Motivation," (with Åsa Lindman and Kristina Ek), to be revised and submitted, 2008.





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